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In 2002 a film titled “Minority Report’ explored the boundaries of technological realism and the interactive computer element. That famous scene where Tom Cruise enacts a beautifully choreographed scene on his smart glass display daring the audience to believe that this futuristic technology could be possible. Fast track 5 years into the future with the release of Apples new iPhone that revolutionized the way we interact and changed the social model forever. While other companies like Corning have been busy developing this technology the question about a practical application arouse and how this new realm of virtual information could be utilized for the hospitality industry.

I have been fortunate enough to have access to some creative brilliance recently that has certainly revolutionized my business model and the way I now interact and present designs and concepts to clients. Previously when design briefs and concepts were presented to a client is was very two dimensional and heavily reliant on the descriptive narrative of the designer and their ability to ‘paint’ a mental picture for the client with the assistance of drawings and material boards.

This process changed dramatically with the creation of three dimensional software such as Revit, Studio max and AutoCAD (to name a few) that brought the two dimensional into a realm of depth and realism. Designers now had a tool that enabled the client to really understand how the finished product would look in a three dimensional sphere and to gain a greater understanding of the final product. This process attributed great success to my business in securing projects as it provided the final coup de grace for the client presentation. However to quote Karen Carpenter,”we’ve only just begun’….enter Virtual Reality.

Earlier I stated that I had access to some pure creative genius and it is this genius that has been able to take our designs and incorporate these into the virtual world. Previously the end game was the 3D model to seal the deal and win the project, today I hand my client a virtual reality headset and ask them to enter their property (that is yet to be built) and undertake a complete walk through from lobby to restaurant, bedroom to bathroom. Clients can now see in reality what the property will look like before any earth has been disturbed. From a builders perspective any issues can be realized at this stage as the images are to scale and so reduces the risk of costly engineering mistakes. The beauty of this technology is that the file can be sent to the client and opened on their smart phone / tablet or viewed with the virtual reality headset. The future has arrived and and it seems Tom Cruise is now playing catch up. To find out more, please email me and I can send you some files to view.

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