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Key Design Tips For Creating Ambience In Hotel Rooms

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Interior Design | 0 comments

When you visit a hotel to relax and unwind, your expectation is of a product equal or generally better than what you have at home. Hotel rooms are designed for a number of different factors catering to corporate, leisure and group Travellers and the expectation is the room will adequately cover these factors dependent on the room rate that you have purchased.

Whether guests are staying in a humble guest house or luxury penthouse, the design of guest rooms needs to meet these needs. Currently the industry is focused on a more technologically set up room from hi speed internet / Wi-Fi to smart TV’s and USB docking points

Although trends will keep evolving, there are certain design elements that are essential for creating a perfect ambiance in any hotel room design.

Multipurpose furniture

The urban-density movement is inspiring hotel owners to reduce their guest rooms, or at least make the most of the space with well thought and designed furniture options.

Guests will appreciate a designer-savvy decor that is both comfortable and functional. Hotel owners are now looking for more durable furniture pieces instead of classic ones. These items need to be purpose built for the daily strains put on each piece by the guest. Commercial grade is the key with input from key stakeholder such as housekeeping and maintenance staff.

Colour pallets are crucial with the room décor taking in a numbers including property location and the view from that particular room. Artwork is another crucial aspect of the design to create a non-evasive scene that will complement the colour pallet and style of the room. Every item in the room is coordinated in great detail to ensure that there is a visual flow to the room as the guest enters the room for the first time. If done correctly the wow factor will be evident for the guest and create a positive first impression.

Hotel rooms no longer need the standard bed-table- locker combo to feel inviting. The average person nowadays is well travelled, so comfort always leaves a greater, long-lasting first impression. Bedding has now taken on a serious role in the guest experience with pillow topped mattresses now a must under local star rating affiliates. Larger hotel chains have also commenced producing their own beds like the ‘Heavenly Bed’ by STARWOOD.


Lighting has always been known to improve our moods, making it a perfect tool for not only illumination but also decoration.

As hotel rooms are multipurpose spaces, they need just as flexible lighting designs. The lighting design should not only be practical but also help create some ambiance. A good lighting design is one that creates an experience but doesn’t draw attention to itself directly and is multi -functional. A number of hotel chains are now integrating full colour spectrum LED’s into their designs that subtly change over time giving the guest an almost subliminal experience.



The current generation of travellers are increasingly using mobile devices for social media and are quick to tell the world of their experience in the space.

This is where service must be complemented with design. When visiting a hotel, guests will decide whether or not to stay based on how they are greeted, how their reservations are done, how they’re remembered and profiled, and how their specific needs are met.

Hotel owners should consider the following options:

  • A highly visible and inviting online presence
  • A communal space (generally the lobby) where guests can meet, graze and get connected wirelessly to their devices
  • Communal dining options to encourage dialogue between guest and increase food and beverage productivities.
  • A variety of styles of rooms to meet different guest demographics
  • A point of difference that will meet the needs of existing generational groups i.e. baby boomers to millennials etc.

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