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I recently reviewed a study carried out by the Guys at the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative research Centre  (established by the Federal Government) that was focused on the Renovation of 3 and 4 star motels in regional Australia. I was able to pull the following summaries from the report:

“Many motels were built in the 70’s and 80’s and still operate today…As a consequence they are failing to meet consumer expectations…there is a growing level of consumer dissatisfaction…Replacement and relevant in a changing market…The high instances of this ageing stock is not a viable option…many properties do not have an ongoing  capital refurbishment program.”

bad hotel room

“Exposed brick walls are not wanted by your guests…the argument that they are hard-wearing is false…1980’s joinery is not acceptable to your guests and they do not like it…Spend your capital on areas of high visibility to promote additional business…work on your street appeal…There is more choice in the market for travellers…supply exceeds demand…must keep pace with the changing needs of the consumer.”

“It is crucial to offer the services and facilities that the traveller wants…to make sure the motel remains up to date…the high instances of motel leases is likely a key reason for the lower than desirable ongoing refurbishment practices…Many times moteliers do not have the funds to undertake a complete refurbishment…Either way it is critical that moteliers have a sound understanding of what the consumer wants so that they can optimise the return they get from their refurbishment investment.”


“ A major study was undertaken that involved focus groups…The overwhelming response was that motels expected to be a home away from home…Key physical features found were:

  • Spacious layout
  • Plastered walls
  • Light colours
  • Good lighting
  • Comfortable seating
  • Facilities for the latest electronic equipment
  • Bright bathrooms
  • Modern kitchenette facilities


In Summary

“Most indicated that they were looking for something akin to their own home in terms of the experiences that they were seeking in a motel stay. A spacious feel, light colours, comfortable furniture and a modern feel were seen as the key drivers of a motel stay. Value for money in terms of the tariff charged for the facilities provided was seen as the most important factor by most types of consumers”



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